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Children and Adults may compete with a partner of their own age against other couples from different dance schools, at external competitions, held in different locations, often out of town.

All competitors must be registered annually with the English Amateur Dancesport Association, who's contact details are:

Address:  515 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. 

Telephone Number: 0114 255 5236

Upon registration, competitors will receive a card, which they will need to take with them  to each competition, as proof of status.

Competetitors are danced in different age groups:

Under 12 years - Juvenille

Under 16 years - Junior

Over 16 years - Adult

The age group in which a couple dance is determined by the age of the oldest competitor in the partnership. In the adults section, only male/female couples are allowed to dance unless a competition specifically specifies otherwise.

In the Junior and Adult age groups, competitors are also sub-divided into categories dependant upon ability: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Pre Championship, Championship.

A couple may enter all categories if they wish to, however if they win four competitions in any category they will be prevented from entering that category or any others lower than that category in the future.

There are no dress restrictions for Juniors and Adults, except in the Beginner's competitions.

The British Dance Council dress restrictions for Juveniles and Beginners are:

Boys: Black trousers, plain white shirt with a tie. Trousers must not have high waists. Shirts must not have wing collars or extra full sleeves and must not be made of satin or similar shiny material.

Girls: A simple dress of one colour or a leotard and wrap around skirt of one colour. Dresses may be of any self-coloured material. They must not have any metallic thread or be decorated with sequins, lace, diamante, rhinestones, fluorescent paint, feathers, fringe, bows or any other similar trimmings. Skirts should be a full circle and may have one frill at the bottom of the skirt of up to 3 inches in depth. Skirts may also have a frilled net underskirt to add volume. Details of approved styles for necklaces and sleeves can be obtained from your teacher on request.

There are British Dance Council Step Restrictions for all Juveniles, Juniors and Adults in Beginners and Novice competitions only.

Private lessons are required on a regular basis to prepare for competitions.